Listen How Restore Patch Is Changing a War Veteran’s Life

War veteran Michael Connors shares his incredible story in the military on the Counter Culture Mom Show. He also tells us how Restore Patch changed his life for the better.

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The "Got Your Six" patch can help

Safe and no side effects

Chemical and extract free

Clean, natural approach to support healing

Feel happier and reduce stress

So Simple to Use

Step 1.
Simply peel the adhesive backing off the patch.

Step 2.
Apply patch to the location of the body as directed by the specific patch.

Step 3.
Sit back and let science do the work. Depending on the specific patch, they are worn between 1-3 days.

Real Results

Best decision

“My name is Sgt Tyler McGibbon, Michael Connors contacted me about trying the Restore patches. I was 100% willing to try anything to help my pain, and anxiety and reduce my stress. So, I gave it a shot. That was the best decision of my life I could have ever made. Within 3 days of constant wear, I was walking into the gym or into any public place feeling good about myself and even my surroundings. I found myself for the first time in a long time not having my head on a constant swivel scanning and my pain was tolerable to almost nonexistent because I was just feeling so good about myself.”

- Tyler

New Technology & Science Working Together

Restore Patch has developed a natural approach to help provide support and healing using the body's own electrical fields to attract programmed patches with specific energetic information.

See How it Works

Get Control of Your Life Back

Money-back guarantee

Made in USA

Naturally re-tune & re-balance

Discrete & waterproof

Truly Amazing

Dude, it really works, I'm amazing! My overall mood is much better! I'm happier and definitely seem less stressed!! 

- William Yow

I was wrong!

“My name is Brandon. I’m a combat navy veteran that suffers from high anxiety due to PTSD. I’ve been prescribed Xanax, Valium, and Ambien by the VA for sleep and to calm my anxiety. I hate pills and don’t like the way I feel taking them. I was approached by Mr. Connors about the Got Your Six Restore patches and I was excited to try something new. I’ll admit I was extremely skeptical, but quickly I realized these patches are the TRUTH! I have calmed down in my daily life and finally sleep throughout the night. I have seen real and beneficial results and I have recommended the patches to many friends, both veterans and not. What a breath of fresh air and a new outlook on life Restore has granted me. Thank you Restore and Michael Connors.”

- Brandon M.

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