The Science Behind
Restore Patch

Everything in the universe is and has energy, including humans. As living energy, all aspects of our lives; including physical health, illness, emotions, etc., operate with unique frequencies.

Our team of scientist and engineers took these principles which were discovered hundred of years ago, and used todays technology to create Restore Patch.

A woman is facing backwards while holding her black shirt to show a Restore patch placed on her left shoulder.
A woman is wearing a white crop top trouser and white pajama while sitting down on her bed and stretching her arms as if just waking up from her sleep.

Holistic Approach to Healing

This concept has been in other holistic modalities such as acupuncture, reflexology, Reiki, and other Eastern-based techniques. Studies have also shown Western medicine has long used frequency devices for recovery from injuries and surgeries.

Working at the cellular level, the subtle energy from the patches creates a resonate effect (two vibrations or frequencies intersecting) which can help reduce overly excited energetic states in the body, helping to rebalance and ultimately repairing the pathways. All in a safe, natural approach. 


What the Experts Are Saying

Listen to the experts discuss Restore Patch, an all-natural healing and support patch - how it works, it's impressive benefits, how it has improved lives, and more!

An image of John Reed, M.D wearing a black polo shirt and eyeglasses.
John Reed
M.D. Retired
An image of Teresa N. wearing a white medical coat while she smiles inside a pharmacy.
Teressa N
Licensed Pharmacist
A picture of Sheila Beaty, Ph.D wearing a red blouse and eyeglasses while smiling.
Dr. Sheila Beaty
PhD Licensed Professional Counselor
An image of Paul Lee, smiling and wearing eyeglasses and a gray polo shirt.
Paul Lee, L.Ac
Masters of Acupuncture
A picture of Joe Nieusma, Ph.D smiling.
Dr. Joe Nieusma
PhD, Senior toxicologist
An image of Sarah Russo.
Sarah Russo
Doctor of Pharmacy
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Our healing and support patches are backed by science and a 60-day money-back guarantee!

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Water Resistant

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Made to Stick

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No Side Effects

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100% Safe and Natural

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Discreet Easy to Use

The Best Part... The Ingredients

Restore Patches are made here in America, with only the finest 3M hypoallergenic material and thin copper foil. They are waterproof, discrete, and have no drugs, chemicals, or extracts added to them.

Healing Patches

A military green box of Restore Patch Got Your Six Patch Anxiety-PTSD.
Got Your Six PTSD -  Severe Anxiety
A green box of Restore Patch Anxiety Relief Patch.
Anxiety Relief
A purple box of Restore Patch Migraine - Headache Patch.
Migraine - Headache

Support Patches

A yellow box of Restore Patch Clarity-Focus Patch.
Clarity - Focus
An orange box of Restore Patch Energy Patch.